A Makeup Class for Everyone

We are no stranger to beauty myths and certainly not new to the failures of makeup.

It is our right of passage! That being said, I started these makeup workshops years ago when I was asked by clients , “Teach me your ways”! Since 2009, I am proud to say I have taught hundreds of women ranging in age from 12-75! Amazing! The reaction I get after my age diversified class is always the same. Inevitably the grown women will turn to the teen or teens in the group and say, “You have no idea how lucky you are!”

After years of putting makeup on in the dark, so to speak, there is a clarity and mindful approach to putting on makeup after the self application makeup workshop. Self application is the key and personalized, hands on instruction in real time. No online video can promise that. Although it is great to watch instruction, the fact remains that it is not YOUR face, skin type and features.

I take great pride in this class and the truth is it really brings me joy to teach other women how to look their best. The question I get most is what is the age group of the class and the truth is I have had mothers, daughters and grandmothers take the class together and each one left empowered. So just to clarify, this makeup class is for everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to put on their makeup, look their personal best and have it last all day or night for an event just like a professional makeup application would. 

In this class expect to learn about proper tools, skin care, how to choose products and of course the A to Z of a professional makeup application. I look forward to seeing all the new faces and thanks for a great start to my 8th year teaching! 



(Below is the information for the next makeup workshop, click on the pic to be directed to registry)

First Makeup Workshop of 2017

January makeup workshops are selling out fast!

Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn the hands on techniques that you can use every day to improve on your makeup skills. There is no other workshop like this. Learn step by step instruction from top industry professionals in a relaxed & fun setting.

Invite your friends, mother, daughter and make it a memory they will never forget!

This Saturday, in our newly renovated space, at 10am we kick off the first of many workshops. This class is $95 and includes all of your supplies. We even have a complimentary beauty blender for every student. That is a $21 value! The first class is taught by yours truly.

I highly recommend signing up for the add on, Eye Focus Workshop for $55. They compliment each other and you can expect to learn some in depth tips for correcting and perfecting eyeliner, lashes and brows with makeup artist and skin specialist, Veronica Guerrero.

Let’s be honest- no one ever sat us down to teach us how to do this beyond a tube of mascara and maybe an eyeliner. Treat yourself to the knowledge and power of makeup. I guarantee you will LOVE learning the skills to enhance YOUR natural beauty and make educated decisions when in a cosmetic store. I look forward to meeting you.

Oh and one more thing- YouTube has nothing on us! There is no comparison when learning hands on under direct instruction from a 25 year veteran in makeup on YOUR face with the best products from various cosmetic lines.

Happy New Year! See you soon!


July Makeup Workshop Countdown

The countdown has begun and we have a few seats left! Register NOW for this Thursday’sSELF APPLICATION MAKEUP WORKSHOP.

Students can expect to learn the savvy techniques of a professional makeup artist for a photo ready makeup application. No detail is too small when it comes to makeup!

This class is perfect for anyone that has never formally been taught the proper steps of a makeup application….. Let’s face it, that is nearly all of us! Come and learn the “birds & the bees” of makeup!

All supplies are included in this workshop. The SELF APPLICATION MAKEUP WORKSHOP is from 6pm-8pm and followed immediately by an EYE FOCUS WORKSHOP from 8pm-9pm. Come and master the step by step, hands on skills for a photo ready makeup application in a relaxing environment with other women!
See you there!


Skin For Every Season

You may have heard about oxygen facials through beauty blogs and perhaps your favorite celebrity posting a glowing selfie saying thank you to the hyaluronic based treatment. The concept was developed by Australian brand, Intraceuticals and is said to combat free radicals and restore elasticity. It is the skin treatment of choice when it comes to ultimate hydration and has been for the past few years.

There are oxygen facials and then there is an Intraceuticals oxygen facial or as I like to tell my clients, and Intraceuticals oxygen infusion. The treatment uses a hyperbaric oxygen machine to deliver serums rich in vitamins and antioxidants to the skin.
The result reportedly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin plump and hydrated.

The rise in popularity of the treatment can most likely be attributed to the fact that there are no real risks or side effects from the treatment itself. As a non-evasive procedure, it is a long-term skin savior aimed to help rejuvenate skin. Although it is not to say you will not see instant gratification with this product. After an infusion you can expect a glowing and supple complexion with zero down time. Botanicals in the serums calm redness and makeup can be applied immediately after the service. Hyaluronic acid holds ten times its weight in water and is what plumps up collagen. This makes this treatment the go-to fix for celebrities and brides alike. It is the perfect preparation for a big event where you want your skin to look it’s very best!
Some of the celebrities that are associated with this skin miracle are Madonna, Kristen Dunst, Jennifer Anniston, Channing Tatum and wife Jena Dewan just to name a handful.

It was the skin prep choice backstage at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

 “Aside from upping their workouts to twice a day, the lead up to Victoria’s Secret show also involves heavy-duty preening. Angels and models alike head straight for New York facialist, Mzia Shiman, who has been tending to the skin of VS models for the last five years.” – Excerpt from article published in Vogue.com.au by Lilith Hardie Lupica

Great skin is always in fashion and hydration is the way go when choosing your skincare.

The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar in San Antonio, Texas offers the complete array of infusions and products and is a certified clinic of Intraceuticals. To book a free consultation call 210.343.1273 or schedule online at TheOxygenRoom.com
Treat your skin to this amazing, hydrating treatment today!