First Makeup Workshop of 2017

January makeup workshops are selling out fast!

Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn the hands on techniques that you can use every day to improve on your makeup skills. There is no other workshop like this. Learn step by step instruction from top industry professionals in a relaxed & fun setting.

Invite your friends, mother, daughter and make it a memory they will never forget!

This Saturday, in our newly renovated space, at 10am we kick off the first of many workshops. This class is $95 and includes all of your supplies. We even have a complimentary beauty blender for every student. That is a $21 value! The first class is taught by yours truly.

I highly recommend signing up for the add on, Eye Focus Workshop for $55. They compliment each other and you can expect to learn some in depth tips for correcting and perfecting eyeliner, lashes and brows with makeup artist and skin specialist, Veronica Guerrero.

Let’s be honest- no one ever sat us down to teach us how to do this beyond a tube of mascara and maybe an eyeliner. Treat yourself to the knowledge and power of makeup. I guarantee you will LOVE learning the skills to enhance YOUR natural beauty and make educated decisions when in a cosmetic store. I look forward to meeting you.

Oh and one more thing- YouTube has nothing on us! There is no comparison when learning hands on under direct instruction from a 25 year veteran in makeup on YOUR face with the best products from various cosmetic lines.

Happy New Year! See you soon!


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