Quick Summer Makeup Tips

Some like it hot, and the rest of us just try to keep from melting!

Lately it seems like all of my how to beauty questions are directed towards Summer and what is best practice when trying to glam it up in 100 degree weather. The other most frequent compliant I get is lack of TIME. I hear ya sister!

So here it is. One. Two. Three. My quickest and best Summer makeup tips that are life changing.

Yep, that’s right. They are THAT good.

(Full episode at the end of this post & demo on model on how to execute these tips! Special thanks to San Antonio’s GREAT DAY SA for featuring BEAUTY BUZZ & these tips to their viewers)

1. SETTING POWDER: Not all powders are created equal. Only a true setting powder will keep your makeup in place. If you have a jar of translucent powder that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a TRUE setting powder.

2. THE ONE MINUTE SMOKEY EYE: Hallelujah. It is possible to get a Smokey eye in less than a minute. How, you ask? With the right tools and a little “know how”. I could explain, but watch the clip for a full demo that will make you a believer. Here are the tools you will need.

3. BRONZER & CONTOUR: We live in the age of YouTube, which is a double edged sword. Great for instruction on how to work your camera…maybe not so good on how to contour and bronze when the objective is not how to teach but how to stand out in a sea of videos. Bronzers should have some shimmer and give you a nice glow but a great contour palette should be matte. Also, POWDERS are your friend and a much quicker, easier way to contour! Don’t be afraid of a dark color because it is probably the best for quick shading of the jaw, nose and cheek contours. (Again, Check out the video below and thanks for stopping in!)


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