The Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving

It seems that 2018 has been more of a montage video than a complete year! That’s right, Christmas bells are ringing and the daunting task of getting picky beauty lovers a gift is upon us.

Now everyone has heard of those monthly subscriptions for food and wine lovers and just like anything that’s a good idea it has translated over to the beauty world for some time now.

First, there is SCENTBIRD for the fragrance lover. Just like it’s cute name, it’s cute little mascot let’s you choose from over 500+ designer and niche fragrances every month.


1. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year!

2. I love that I’m giving the gift of choice!

3. Subscriptions start at $14.95 a month so even for the whole year you still will pay less that one very expensive bottle of perfume.

The second subscription beauty product is DECK OF SCARLET. If your beauty lover is a YouTube fanatic they will go Gaga over this subscription. With collaborations left and right with the most watched beauty mavens, these palettes pack a lot of punch in one compact package.


1. The palette has a complete look! Where as you could spend a fortune on each individual product, this subscription is only $29.95 for a palette every other month. You do the math!

2. It feeds the social beauty’s appetite and satisfies completely right down to the names of the colors…Lit-erally!

3. Again, you are getting the gift of choice. Also you may choose to skip a month if you’re not feeling the palette AND you get to choose your very first palette even if it’s not the current month. I love that!

Use code Alicia30 to get 30% off your purchase! Wepa! Hopefully your Christmas shopping list just got shorter!

Happy Painting!


Get your subscription for DECK OF SCARLET.


*Although this is a sponsored post opinions are all my own.

Quick Summer Makeup Tips

Some like it hot, and the rest of us just try to keep from melting!

Lately it seems like all of my how to beauty questions are directed towards Summer and what is best practice when trying to glam it up in 100 degree weather. The other most frequent compliant I get is lack of TIME. I hear ya sister!

So here it is. One. Two. Three. My quickest and best Summer makeup tips that are life changing.

Yep, that’s right. They are THAT good.

(Full episode at the end of this post & demo on model on how to execute these tips! Special thanks to San Antonio’s GREAT DAY SA for featuring BEAUTY BUZZ & these tips to their viewers)

1. SETTING POWDER: Not all powders are created equal. Only a true setting powder will keep your makeup in place. If you have a jar of translucent powder that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a TRUE setting powder.

2. THE ONE MINUTE SMOKEY EYE: Hallelujah. It is possible to get a Smokey eye in less than a minute. How, you ask? With the right tools and a little “know how”. I could explain, but watch the clip for a full demo that will make you a believer. Here are the tools you will need.

3. BRONZER & CONTOUR: We live in the age of YouTube, which is a double edged sword. Great for instruction on how to work your camera…maybe not so good on how to contour and bronze when the objective is not how to teach but how to stand out in a sea of videos. Bronzers should have some shimmer and give you a nice glow but a great contour palette should be matte. Also, POWDERS are your friend and a much quicker, easier way to contour! Don’t be afraid of a dark color because it is probably the best for quick shading of the jaw, nose and cheek contours. (Again, Check out the video below and thanks for stopping in!)


Spring Beauty Trends

Trends come and go and we love jumping on the trend train, catching some of the fun before it passes!

Every season, fashion designers and beauty trend setters alike create a mood and certain looks for the slaves to the industry. The rest of us watch and digest what we can. Here are my favorite makeup trends for Spring. Delicious and bite sized for all to enjoy!




As always fashion is left to be consumed, translated and trickle down to the real woman who is walking down her own daily runway.

Thanks for watching me on the show this morning! For my next makeup workshop register here!

For a recap of the products shown today on the show visit my Insta! I will be posting a gallery with purchasing info there.





Love Your Skin

Winter skin is no fun! Before we have even completed 30 days of our “new year, new me” resolutions, that dry, winter skin has crept up on us!

So how do you keep your skin looking hydrated and supple in 2018?

Simplify and go back to basics.

Here are 3 easy tips to maintaining great skin throughout this dry and extra chilly season.

1. Think about your skin from the inside out!

Most of us have some sort of diet and fitness goals in 2018. We are making a conscious effort with our diet. Do this with your skin! Foods rich in omega-3 such as salmon really make a difference on the outside. Choose fruits and veggies rich in antioxidants such blueberries, kiwi and spinach. As always, drink lots of water or swap for a green tea. Stay away from sugar, which is a skinemy, as much as possible. When you eat sugar, your insulin level goes up and this produces inflammation which in turn produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin resulting in sagging and wrinkles.

2. Stick to a skin regimen!

Whatever you do, be consistent with this because that in itself makes a huge difference with your skin. Skin solutions are easy- cleanse, tone and moisturize day and night. Exfoliate to remove dead skin at least once a week. This Works has a wide range of products to choose from and at a great price point of $28-58, it is very affordable.

3. Fake it ’till you make it!

Use a primer to “fake” great skin. Primers are magic, little cream fairies that fill pores and forge supple, hydrated skin. Be sure to find the right one for you as they all serve a purpose. For example, do not by a mattifying primer if your goal is to look hydrated. Below is one of my favorites.

Want more skin tips such as these and to learn how to create a hydrated makeup look? Visit me at one of my San Antonio makeup workshops!

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