Skin For Every Season

You may have heard about oxygen facials through beauty blogs and perhaps your favorite celebrity posting a glowing selfie saying thank you to the hyaluronic based treatment. The concept was developed by Australian brand, Intraceuticals and is said to combat free radicals and restore elasticity. It is the skin treatment of choice when it comes to ultimate hydration and has been for the past few years.

There are oxygen facials and then there is an Intraceuticals oxygen facial or as I like to tell my clients, and Intraceuticals oxygen infusion. The treatment uses a hyperbaric oxygen machine to deliver serums rich in vitamins and antioxidants to the skin.
The result reportedly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin plump and hydrated.

The rise in popularity of the treatment can most likely be attributed to the fact that there are no real risks or side effects from the treatment itself. As a non-evasive procedure, it is a long-term skin savior aimed to help rejuvenate skin. Although it is not to say you will not see instant gratification with this product. After an infusion you can expect a glowing and supple complexion with zero down time. Botanicals in the serums calm redness and makeup can be applied immediately after the service. Hyaluronic acid holds ten times its weight in water and is what plumps up collagen. This makes this treatment the go-to fix for celebrities and brides alike. It is the perfect preparation for a big event where you want your skin to look it’s very best!
Some of the celebrities that are associated with this skin miracle are Madonna, Kristen Dunst, Jennifer Anniston, Channing Tatum and wife Jena Dewan just to name a handful.

It was the skin prep choice backstage at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

 “Aside from upping their workouts to twice a day, the lead up to Victoria’s Secret show also involves heavy-duty preening. Angels and models alike head straight for New York facialist, Mzia Shiman, who has been tending to the skin of VS models for the last five years.” – Excerpt from article published in by Lilith Hardie Lupica

Great skin is always in fashion and hydration is the way go when choosing your skincare.

The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar in San Antonio, Texas offers the complete array of infusions and products and is a certified clinic of Intraceuticals. To book a free consultation call 210.343.1273 or schedule online at
Treat your skin to this amazing, hydrating treatment today!


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