5 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late To Relearn How To Do Your Makeup

My clients often tell me how much they wish they could replicate the makeup I do for them when they hire me for a special event. Without hesitation,  I always reply, “You can!”

No secrets here, just knowledge of what to use based on their skin analysis is what makes for a great makeup application. The next words I hear are usually along the lines of how it is “too late” or they are simply ” too old to learn.”

The only thing you’re too old for is getting on the carnival ride for toddlers but you’re never too old to learn. Anyone who argues this is making a pretty transparent argument for not wanting to learn.

The truth is you already know how to learn, you have developed effective learning techniques, you’re capable of self-directing, and you can adapt to changes.

Here are five reasons to stop making excuses, and accept the fact that you are never too old to relearn how to do your makeup.


You WANT to learn how to do your makeup. No one ever sat us down and explained how this is done. Now you can get customized, one on one instruction on how to makeup your face from beginning to end. Insert a few makeup brushes and some professional products and you’ll be applying your makeup like a pro in no time. So if you’re not happy, do something about it.



The reality is we have to work harder at certain things as we get older. Remember those days of eating guilt free burger and fries? Yeah, me either. (Sigh) Makeup is no different. New products and new tools are in order. The good news is at this point in your life, you probably can do a little more guilt free shopping than when you were younger. One of the perks of being mature, being able to buy a new bag of tricks!



The most inevitable thing on earth is ‘change’. The simultaneous change in skin complexion along with the age is simply unstoppable. Your skin needs you. I mean it needs you to care for it, protect it and adapt to the changes that come with time. The good news is that products have changed too and now more than ever there is such a thing as magic in a bottle. It’s called 30 SPF foundation.



Confidence is key. How many times have we heard that one? Anyone who wants to argue that makeovers don’t work miracles should stand outside any salon and watch the women who leave hair flip themselves into fabulous whiplash. Looking good leads to feeling good and feeling good leads to empowerment. You are your greatest investment.



Have you ever watched a woman put her makeup on? It’s like she is preparing for battle and the makeup brushes are her samurai swords! We have the power to light up a room. Makeup is a part of putting our best foot forward. There is something special about beauty and there is no denying that it holds power. Learning the skill of makeup is a great feather to put in one of the many hats that we as women wear.


Happy Painting!


For more information on upcoming makeup workshops visit http://www.themakeupbox.us




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