Top 10 Weirdest Beauty Tricks That Actually Work!

For this week’s Beauty Buzz segment on FOX, I had to research the weirdest and wackiest beauty tricks around and boy did I find them.

While some were actually helpful, others were just downright crazy! Although I feel one should use common sense when it comes to anything you will be putting on your body, here are my TOP 10 WEIRDEST BEAUTY TRICKS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!

1. ADVIL GEL CAP- It’s no secret that aspirin in used to reduce swelling and has been used as a pimple reducer, but these gel formula pills are a backstage secret at fashion week to zap swollen and red blemishes on models. I tried this and it works! Although I don’t know how much I believe that those girls have blemishes.


TIP: Do not stab yourself while trying to crack this baby open. Use a wig pin or safety pin to puncture the force field that is Advil geldom. May the force be with you!

2. PREPARATION H- Yes, the hemorrhoid cream! This has been a long time trick that I myself have used to reduce swelling after a night of sodium filled bliss. Cures a puffy eye and swollen nose. My research had me reading how “Canadian Prep H”, which has bio-dyne, was the best and most potent but I am pretty satisfied with the tube I got here in the states. It doesn’t have the most pleasant smell, as shark liver oil is an ingredient, and that is exactly what it smells like.


TIP: Use only in case of emergencies. Anything this emollient on the face with repeated use is likely to clog pores and cause milia. Overuse can also have an opposite effect and cause the blood vessels to become more dilated over time as they try to counter the constricting phenylephrine that was your savior in the first place.

3. VISINE & NASAL SPRAY- These are both anti inflammatories and vasoconstrictors! They work like a topical steroid and shrink blood vessels, so they are quite helpful with redness, puffiness and under eye circles.


TIP: Buy the original formula Visine for best results. Also this watery formula is better for the thinner skin under the eye and won’t cause clogged pores with a little more frequent use.

4. PEPTO MASK- Yes, Pepto Bismol…. as a facial mask. This mask works to cleanse, tighten and shrink pores. The active ingredient is bismuth subsalicylate, which is an antibacterial and has exfoliant type properties similar to that of salicylic acid. Great for pimples and probably more effective than a blob of toothpaste.


TIP: Do not overuse if you already have dry skin. Just to give you an idea of the strength of it’s cleansing properties, Pepto Bismol has also been used in the treatment of birds that have been inundated with crude oil to clear their intestinal tract of oil ingested. It is pretty powerful pink stuff!

5. JELLO- If you have trouble keeping lip color on throughout the day or just want a natural lip stain, Jello makes a very nice impression. Just mix a gram with water in a small container and apply to lip carefully. Try your best to keep the stain on the lips and from running. Use very little water and apply sparingly.


TIP: Use a lip brush so you do not stain your fingers while staining your lips. Also, try your best not to lick any excess off of your lips (use a tissue) or your red tongue will not only match your lips but also be a dead giveaway to your little Jello escapade.

6. ONION- This one is fairly simple. Onions have sulphur, which is why they have such a distinct smell. It is this sulphuric quality that can be utilized in the treatment of itchy bug bites. Just take it straight out of your salad and use it to treat a pesky mosquito bite that won’t stop itching.


TIP: Just use minimal amounts for obvious reasons…. Okay, no one wants
to smell like onions!

7. ANTIPERSPIRANT- These deodorants/antiperspirants have apparently been used on the face to inhibit sweat production by some makeup artists. It is no surprise that it works since the main ingredient is aluminum, which is a sweat inhibitor. I personally am very picky when it comes to the face and what I put on it, so I prefer to use this trick on the feet! It keeps your feet from getting too sweaty in the heat and is great to keep you from slipping inside your sandals and heels in the summer.


TIP: Use a clear, gel formula so it doesn’t stain your shoes or make a white mess.

8. FLAXSEED OIL- This ingredient is great for lashes! Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 so it naturally helps build up stronger, longer lashes.
Just apply directly to the lash with a clean mascara wand.


TIP: If you have a mascara that is on it’s way out, save the brush and clean it with some dawn soap to save it for use with your flaxseed lash remedy. Also a little goes a long way. Apply at night before bed.

9. GRAPEFRUIT- This beauty trick is great for those dry elbows and heels that never seem to be smooth. Just apply the grapefruit directly to these areas and leave it there for about 10 minutes. The acidity from the fruit is gentle but strong enough to exfoliate and loosen dead skin. Scrub in the shower and immediately hydrate with a body lotion for a smooth result.


TIP: Use a spoon to scoop out a chunk of the center so that your elbow or heel fit perfectly into the ergonomically shaped fruit. You may also want to be in the shower or bath for this.

10. THE FRIDGE TRICK- The last weird beauty tip on my top ten is the fridge trick! Have you ever had a pencil that just would not sharpen properly? Try sticking your eyeliners & lip liners in the fridge before sharpening them! They come out perfect every time. This trick also works for nail polishes! If you notice they are starting to bubble, they may be stored in a warm place that is causing this to occur.


TIP: Don’t forget your makeup in the fridge.

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