Top Three Tips To Having a Successful Salon Visit

I went through the line at Starbucks the other day and asked for a large, sugar free coffee and guess what I got? A tall, skinny vanilla…basically a little cup of latte. What I wanted was a large, regular coffee with a splenda. I know, I really should know by now exactly how to ask for my coffee with their fancy terminology right? My point is, there is “coffee talk”, fancy words to communicate what kind of coffee you want. Salons have a language of their own and even though salons are just as common as the Starbucks on every corner, we get our “orders” mixed up all the time.

A salon visit can be one of the most exciting, stressful, and scariest experiences out there. It doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips, three exactly, to get the most out of your salon visit and bridge the gap between client and colorist.



It is safe to say that you may not know all the terminology or “salon speak”. And how do you pronounce that french word…boo-liyage…bali-ige….balayage? Save yourself a lot of trouble and bring a photo of what you want. Take it a step further and even provide some pictures of what you do not like. Bring a photo of yourself on a good hair day that you love. This helps the colorist gauge your preference in color and bridges the gap in communication and salon language.



Showing a photo isn’t a consultation, ask for a game plan. Be realistic and informed about how much time & money you and the salon can dedicate to your hair transformation. Will the results you want take one visit or possibly more? This is also where you should be honest about your color history. We are not gonna judge but we DO need to know what we are up against to formulate properly. Bleach doesn’t lie and eventually the truth comes out and when that happens the colorist has to reformulate and that renders your first game plan obsolete. Open communication about the time, money and hair history helps tremendously to start the color process on the right foot.



Speak up! You can’t hurt our feelings, we promise. How else will we know if we are doing things to your liking & we value your opinion. Ask questions, how else will you learn what to ask for. A beautiful color is a collaboration between client and colorist. If you don’t agree with a tone or placement, I promise there are some really easy fixes to correct them NOW instead of making another trip to the salon. It could be as easy as adding a quick toner or smudging some color into the hair to tweak your results.


It is safe to say that you may not know all the terminology or “salon speak” but if you follow these three steps, you are sure to speak the universal language of good hair.

By the way, if you want a regular cup of Joe at Starbucks, it’s called a “Pike’s Place”.

You’re welcome.


Happy Painting!




P.S. Here are a few pics with the technical descriptions.


Baby lites with a balayage



Base color with a heavy highlite and a balayage




Color correction! Lots of color over color in the hair. In the second pic you can see the bleach reveals the natural hair without color on it and the middle to the ends are stubborn to bleach lifting. 5 hours later you can see some beautiful, realistic results. It would take another visit or possibly 2 more for more blonding on the ends.hair6


Several weaving techniques with Highlites and a toner to eliminate the coppery tones.


A base breaker, which I love to use on blondes. Then a heavy highlite.


Root retouch and highlite/lowlite…..Take off bleach right away to reveal a more caramel tone and no need for toner.



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Best Beach Body Hacks

The summer season is upon us and it conjures up images of sun and beach in the near future. It also conjures up some poor choices we may have made, like buying all of those girl scout cookies with the intention of gifting them but instead binge watching SVU while eating said cookies.

Ok, I am talking about myself but here are some quick fixes for the time of year that we all love and hate.

Swimsuit season, that is. Here is a cheat sheet for looking your best while Sally sips sangrias by the seashore. Three simple hacks that can improve your swimsuit appearance and make you feel summer ready. Use one or all three for optimum results.



We all love our carbs but two to three days before your swimsuit reveal you must say no to starches and salt. Drink plenty of water so that your body gets fully hydrated and doesn’t retain water. You may also want to replace your morning coffee with some green tea which is a natural diuretic so that you can continue to get rid of any water retention. Avoid sugary alcoholic beverages which can cause major bloating. Avoid sugary fruits like grapes and bananas and opt for cantaloupe and berries which not only have less sugar but are packed with water. Also, one word…fiber.



If you are a product junkie like I am then you will love these next beach body hacks. They are my tried and true so you may end up loving them so much you will use them year round. With noticeable results in just a few days and uses, the cellulite massager is a magic mit of awesomeness. Use it with an exfoliant and you are guaranteed to have healthier looking skin. All of that massaging breaks down fat deposits for a smoother appearance. Use this technique on thighs, stomach and any where there is some lumpy tissue. It also increases blood flow and helps repair the connective tissues between the skin and muscles, which in turn reduces cellulite. Yes, please!


Wrap that body! I always love a good body treatment. Yes, the results are temporary but effective none the less. My favorite is a salon grade seaweed body wrap. This one contains powerful seaweed and garcinio cambogia extract. It is absorbed through the skin and improves the break down of stubborn fat deposits by sweating it out. Wrap in plastic body wraps and a waist trainer for best results. 


Fake it until you make it! Tanning always makes us look slimmer but it seems like a catch 22 when your heading to the pool or beach for the first time. Sun bathing is bad for you anyway so try this trick instead. This spray tan is user friendly and gives the ultimate glow. Allow a few minutes to dry after applying and before putting on your swimsuit.



Do not do yourself a disservice by covering up your amazing features. I see women do this all the time. In trying to cover it all up you can end up covering up your best features and assets. Selecting a swimsuit is tough but keep in mind a few things. Coverage and support are very important but also go for solids as they tend to be more slimming and complimentary.  Don’t be afraid to take some selfies. The camera does not lie so use it to select a swimsuit. You will be surprised at what a horizontal stripe does in the wrong place! Get yourself a great cover up so that you can walk around with your swimsuit on and feel confident that you look fab. It is a great crutch and a confidence booster. A great hat and sunnies never hurt either.


Ok beach babes, get out there and have fun!