It was a Great Day SA!

Well, I got the first Beauty Buzz under my belt with my new partners at Kens 5 & GREAT DAY SA. Thank you to the beautiful hosts of GDSA, Cristina and Roma for their hospitality. The new set looks amazing and I even got to see kittens! Those are the perks of a variety morning show!

Thank you for watching and here is the info I discussed on the show.


These facials have hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient. Simply put, hyaluronic acid plumps up collagen. We loose hyaluronic acid as we get older so our collagen fibers start to sag. Sad, I know. The good news is this is a clinical treatment that can put it back into your skin. For more information call the number below and schedule a consultation!

Book your free oxygen facial consultation at The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar, just call 210.343.1273.

Also my next makeup workshops can be found here: The Makeup Box

….AND Congrats to the lucky winner of my Selena makeup giveaway. Here is a flashback of when I use to model for Selena and her new line of clothing.

She was my mentor and like a big sis. Perhaps I will take my girls to go see the movie tonight. They just might catch a glimpse of their mama make a cameo in the movie;)

I’m looking forward to giving more beauty tips in the future. Feel free to make some suggestions for future subjects of discussion. See you again soon San Antonio.


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