San Antonio Salon Has Gone TOTALLY 80’s!

Tonight is COCKTAIL:THE EVENT hosted by the San Antonio Current at the Doseum. The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar will be located inside the FASHION LOUNGE at the event. The FASHION LOUNGE is hosted by local San Antonio bloggers Tori Johnson and Aquila Mendez. This event is currently sold out. Given its success and in its fourth year, if you didn’t get a ticket this time, there is always next year!

The theme this year is 80’s Age of Decadence. This will be an unforgettable night of mullets, big hair and shiny, neon colored spandex. We like, totally have this covered. Fortunately  I lived it, so gag me with a spoon and bring….it…on.

I would like to think there will be a big, banana yellow slip and slide, a Jem & The Hologram autograph signing while Fragile Rock reruns play on the Doseum tv screens but alas we will settle for cocktails from the best local bars and snacks from some of my personal favorite eateries such as Max’s Wine Dive and Grimaldi’s. I am sure Dj’s will have the 80’s covered with 867-5309 and Olivia Newton John hits.

Don’t forget to visit us in the FASHION LOUNGE where THE OXYGEN ROOM & BEAUTY BAR will be doing 80’s inspired hair & makeup. No 80’s look is complete without the signature pop of blue eyeliner or a little hair crimping. We are also handing out some freebies like neon bracelets and sunglasses you so can wear them at night….so you can…so you can see the light. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

Still don’t know what to wear? Check out some of the pics below for inspiration. There is also a link to SA Living where I showcase some tips on pulling an 80’s look together for tonight’s event.

See you there!




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