Image Consulting

I work with all clients who have a dedicated interest in presenting a professional and polished image.”

Image Consulting For Business

When approaching a company, my goal is to translate what executives want employees to represent through appearance. We begin with a comprehensive self and brand-assessment. Image is more than clothing, it is soft skills as a whole. Through my discoveries I identify client needs and create a program to help the teams and individuals develop soft skills with training. I help professionals define their personal style by assessing their lifestyle as a whole by asking the right questions. Through training I am able to help them put their best foot forward at all times, no matter the circumstances.

Workforce Development

In order to have a successful experience in image consulting, focus should always be on the education of the candidate about the needs of the employer. I develop a program on how they can meet these expectations and become the best asset they can be for the company. The greatest challenge is usually implementation and resistance to change. I feel confident in my methods to develop a close and trustworthy relationship with each employee. This is vital to establishing credibility, engagement and solutions for improvement.As a leader, you must provide your workforce with the information they need in order to remain consistent with the image and vision of your company. It’s
not just about the clothing they wear, but a more comprehensive message that is sent to all who come in contact with your company.


My training programs are developed, ideally, to be taught in a series. Through my discovery process, I customize each workshop in a way that allows the participants to garner as much information as possible. Workshops may include hair, makeup, wardrobe, psychology of color, body language and on camera coaching. I am also able to customize a single workshop that includes one or all of these subject matters. Each workshop is vibrant enough to stand on its own.

Please email for more information on these services and price quotes for your project. For individual and one on one image consulting services please email me directly.
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